R  u  r  a  l     R  e  v  i  v  a  l  s'                                               (eco-nomical &     

Renovations  &  int./ext design                                   eco-friendly)                                     



Who We Are

Rural Revivals is  focused on providing  eco-friendly AND economical renovations and designs for your smaller country or country-themed spaces.  "Small Spaces - Georgic Graces!"

With decades of experience in 4 different countries, some with very remote locations, we are unique in our ability to create such themes as: Colonial Charisma, Farm Charm, Victorian Vintage, Southwest Special, Lofty Ideals (minimalist), Steampunk Salvage,  Rustic & Primitive, or Shabby Chic,  (which includes the

                                                                popular Beach House/French Provincial designs).

Our primary website is now at: http://rusticrevivals.wix.com/ruralrevivals